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Dr. Anderson's Interpretive Guide to the Bible

A unique alternative to commentaries and study Bibles, Dr. Anderson’s Interpretive Guide to the Bible is an eight-volume series of interpretive guides for every book of the Bible that is published in print and electronic formats. These interpretive guides originated in a massive, multi-year project that was part of Dr. Steven Anderson’s Ph.D. program in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, but they incorporate insights gained throughout a lifetime of Bible training and academic study.

I am now making PDF (electronic) copies of this series available free of charge. Print copies are available through Amazon—see my Amazon author page. The download links for the PDFs are here: volume 1, volume 2, volume 3, volume 4, volume 5, volume 6, volume 7, volume 8.

See the Spanish publications page for Spanish editions.

If you find these books helpful, please consider purchasing hard copies. Your support enables me to continue to update these books and keep this site and my blog active.

I am currently working on the development of a related resource, the Photo Companion to the Bible . This one-of-a-kind resource supplies photos to illustrate the geography and archaeology of the Bible in a verse-by-verse PowerPoint format, with extensive annotations. Please note that while I made the first drafts of the published resources and I did much of the subsequent editing work, I am neither the sole author nor the final editor. Thus, not everything in this photo collection reflects my personal views, but that is to be expected in a work with multiple authors. I believe that this work will be extremely useful for Bible teachers, pastors, and Bible translators, and will also be of interest to anyone who wants a visual aid to reading and understanding the biblical text.


Dr. Anderson has prepared this eight volume work based on his own study. It is not merely the common practice of rearranging under his name the materials of others. However, this does not mean that he presents radical or unknown views. He has prepared himself and studied the issues in order to present the interpretation he finds to be best supported. There are many who will gladly set forth their views on biblical and theological issues, but are not adequately prepared in the biblical languages, interpretation, and theology to evaluate the various opinions. There are others who have the academic “qualifications”—however, they are seekers of academic respectability and are only conduits of opinions acceptable to the academic community. Some years ago a General reportedly said, “Technicians are common; however, leaders are rare.” This is true. In the same way, well-prepared scholars who are objectively seeking God’s truth and who are not afraid to support traditional and conservative views are becoming rare. I have known Dr. Anderson from his formative years at Capital Bible Seminary. I recommend this work to be that of a well-prepared scholar who has studied to determine the truth of God’s Word and presents his findings in a form easy to understand and profitable to every reader.

—Thomas R. Edgar, Th.D. Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis (ret.), Capital Bible Seminary

I have known Dr. Anderson for years. He is a careful scholar who writes with a warm devotion and is unapologetically committed to a conservative, literal interpretation of the Scriptures. You will find with his Guide that the Bible Itself is the final authority of faith and practice. As a pastor, I have greatly used Dr. Anderson’s Interpretive Guide, before it was published, in sermon preparation. Now that it has been published, I can wholeheartedly recommend it, not only to my congregation but to believers everywhere. Whether you have studied the Bible for years or are just beginning your study, this Guide will be a tremendous help as you seek to understand God’s Word. Dr. Anderson’s Interpretive Guide to the Bible truly is a blessing to the Church.

—Michael Shafran, M.A., M.Div. Pastor, Fort Howard Community Church, Fort Howard, Maryland

I had the opportunity of studying together with Dr. Anderson at Dallas Theological Seminary. We have done projects together, and I went to conferences with him as his roommate. I observed how Steven studies the Scripture regularly with personal spiritual devotion, and how he does scholarship thoroughly with supreme excellence. He has a great depth of knowledge on not only the original languages of the Bible, but also many cognate languages. His expertise covers textual criticism, historical backgrounds, hermeneutics, interpretation, and theology. I believe Dr. Anderson is an all-around scholar in biblical studies, and is among the best of this generation. I wholeheartedly recommend his study guide as a glimpse of his mind. It is a wardrobe that opens the door to the wonderland of the Bible.

—D. A. Yuan, Th.M., Ph.D. Senior Pastor, Abilene Bible Church, Abilene, Texas

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