Dr. Steven Anderson ⋅ 6 January 2016 ⋅ 141 views

Chronological chart of the Genesis patriarchs

This chart is a revision of a chart printed in Adam Clarke’s early 19th century (ca. 1825) Bible commentary (between p. 88 and p. 89 of vol. 1 in my copy, but evidently missing in this copy from Google Books). It is helpful for showing which of the Genesis patriarchs were contemporary with other patriarchs. It is also helpful for seeing which patriarchs lived the longest, although it is not to scale. The date of 4174 BC for the creation of the world is calculated from an exodus date of 1446, with a 430-year sojourn in Egypt (Exod 12:40-41), resulting in the date of 1876 for Israel’s entrance into Egypt. The other dates are calculated backward from there as presented in the chart.